Happy Ending

To her,
He was the happy ending
She has waited for
Since she was a little girl

He was the knight in shining armor
Who always had time to take of his helmet
To kiss her neck and tickle her stomach

He was the rainbow
To block all the rain there was
And all rainy days to come

To her,
She finally could write in the end
To her story
With a ‘Happily ever after’

He held the pen.

-Mitchell Coriell 6/6/17


I would search for you
In every song I ever heard
In every line I ever wrote
In every dark corner of my soul
In every beat of my heart
All I would find is
Shadows and Screams
Barricades of forgotten lust
and flickers of your extinguished eyes
I though I used the maps
and directions
to help me find you
But perhaps you’re meant
To remain lost

– Mitchell Coriell 6/6/17

Faces Stare

  Faces stare
Imposing on your soul
Nudging your insecurities
Bumping a sense of self
Toppling your validation
      Faces Stare
They embark on a journey
To who who you've always been
But remain puzzling
When they find who you are
            Faces Stare
And crush
All you've loved
And all you've left to die
But lastly
The stare will crush you
                  Faces Stare
But I assure you
The mirror never stares back

- Mitchell Coriell


Our love was the tide of the ocean. Vast and endless. Intimidating and scary. We went swimming as the tide rolled in. We laughed. But a wave knocked you down so you got out of the water because I let go of your hand. But as I saw you on the shore, I knew I’ll be waiting in the water. I’ll always leave an open hand to help you back into our tide. As long as it takes. Step by step.

-Mitch – Jan 30, 2017

New Year’s Eve

TV flashes
Plastered smiles reconcile
When there’s truth in their
Around those who know me
They don’t really know me
They’ll never really know me

A year for fear
I’m scared
I’m unsure of who I’m with
and who I am

Voices create the countdown
Existential crisis over the sound

What am I doing here
Why am I here
I am wasting my life
What am I doing here

Is there a reason
A reason to this madness
The organized chaos
The love I’m supposed to feel
Surrounded by cardboard souls
Where is the reason?

Lights flashing
Horns blowing
People counting
My mind screaming
My soul
For the reason

Confusion is the virtue
That keeps us alive
That lets us be human
It’s okay to not have reasons
Does anyone?
Everyone walks their paths
Without reason
Because everyone has walked it

Maybe I will feel it
Once I find the reason
The spark
The light
Maybe then, I can love

But for now

I’m alone

. . .

We drive home in silence
Because we don’t have anything to say
All we ever really wanted
Is the quiet

– Mitch – New Year’s Eve 2014


Look at you
And all you’ve done
Ripped the Earth in two
You still think this was fun?

You made me burn the sky
For you and your art
Now we sit here and cry
Because you’re the one with the broken heart

The waves came over us
Drowning out our screams
We were lonely and full of lust
But now we are just broken dreams

I promised I wouldn’t go
I’d stay by your side
You’ve gone from friend to foe
It is now the end of our ride

You can see me walk away
And wonder how this happened
Maybe we will meet again
My Darling,
I hope that never happens

-Mitchell Coriell – 9/4/16