I Don’t

Don’t you dare
Do what you both always do
Don’t treat me as your trouble dumpster
And tell me everything you should be saying
to her
Don’t talk behind her back
and wait till she notices
Don’t complain to me
About miniscule misuses of attitude
And pretend everything is okay now
Don’t wait for her to come home
Just so you both can remain silent
Splitting the house
Into petty and misunderstood
Problems aren’t solved through trivial hints
Or underwhelming comments under your breath
Don’t let this house run cold
Because you both lost your fire
Don’t drag me into your crackling abyss
This crackling abyss all begun with a misspoken
‘I Do’

-Mitchell Coriell – 08/22/17


Long Fog Nights

Long days turn to long nights
Two couches leave lust untouched
TV keeps eyes distracted
So we don’t keep looking back
Looking back to feelings all too familiar
We both stay feeling
Feeling something
Fingernails scratch the cushions
Hold us back from holding each other
But we want to be holding each other
Night fogs
Along with our judgements
The fire isn’t the only thing burning
Lines on my back
Spots on your neck
We hold each other close
Until long nights turn to long days
And the sun makes me let go

– Mitchell Coriell – 08/22/17

Happy Ending

To her,
He was the happy ending
She has waited for
Since she was a little girl

He was the knight in shining armor
Who always had time to take of his helmet
To kiss her neck and tickle her stomach

He was the rainbow
To block all the rain there was
And all rainy days to come

To her,
She finally could write in the end
To her story
With a ‘Happily ever after’

He held the pen.

-Mitchell Coriell 6/6/17


I would search for you
In every song I ever heard
In every line I ever wrote
In every dark corner of my soul
In every beat of my heart
All I would find is
Shadows and Screams
Barricades of forgotten lust
and flickers of your extinguished eyes
I though I used the maps
and directions
to help me find you
But perhaps you’re meant
To remain lost

– Mitchell Coriell 6/6/17

Faces Stare

  Faces stare
Imposing on your soul
Nudging your insecurities
Bumping a sense of self
Toppling your validation
      Faces Stare
They embark on a journey
To who who you've always been
But remain puzzling
When they find who you are
            Faces Stare
And crush
All you've loved
And all you've left to die
But lastly
The stare will crush you
                  Faces Stare
But I assure you
The mirror never stares back

- Mitchell Coriell