Welcome To My Life & Mind

I Can’t Hear You I’m Too Flawless

This Is My Blog… Welcome!

*Throws Confetti That Has Been In My Pocket Since Last Wednesday*

My name is Mitchell. I am an 18 Yr Old Film Major at Temple University. I consider myself a ‘Struggling Angsty Artist’.  An above-average perception of life, culture, and art has always followed me throughout my life so I decided I ought to do something about it. And here I am.

*Throws Confetti From Other Pocket*

You’re probably thinking “Oh, foolish millennials with their misguided concept of uniqueness, this clown is just another teenager artistically expressing himself because no girls liked him in Middle School… lame.”

And yeah, good point. But hear me out. Everything we look at has something worth being seen so keep reading until you find it. Art & Expression hold the fundamental glue that allows human beings to connect, understand and, comprehend one another. Moments: that’s all we really have right? Our fragile little moments of humanity; one after another. Whether experiences of our own or through projections of the human condition through art all we have are moments.

Art to me, is an experience that lets people say “Thank God I’m not the only one.”           And that is beautiful.

I hope to make this blog a lovely mish-mash of personal stories, weekly updates, and personal musings mixed in with my own analysis and discussions on my favorites movies, TV shows, musicals, music in general, and other artworks.

I also will be using this blog as a showcase for my own efforts in art. My short films, photos and, poetry will be uploaded as I complete my own projects.

So join me why don’t you?

Maybe together we can figure everything out?

*Picks Confetti Back Up To Throw It Again*

*Throws Confetti Again*